Monday, August 17, 2009

And They All Fall Down!

I'm fascinated with motion in photographs. Experiments in the past have included capturing the falling blocks in a toppled tower the kids built, water fall and fountains, elusive hummingbirds and other flying things and now, dominos. Oy! I find it so difficult to get the blur or frozen action that I see in my mind's eye. Never mind trying to focus on a moving object! Practice, practice, practice. 
At least with dominos, I know where to focus and can wait for the action to happen. The kids were adorable if a little frustrated in their attempts to build trains of dominos. Sis has little body awareness -- it was if her leg or hand knocked down the dominos without her conscious knowledge! Much to the frustration of Big D. Of course, once a train was completed, they had to wait in anxious anticipation for mom, sprawled out on the floor, to give them the thumbs up to knock them down.
It's Monday morning again. A week commencing full of tasks and chores and hopefully some fun along the way. After chores, I hope to take the kids on a walk, maybe cruise some garage sales for more doll house furniture and meet a friend and her kids for some crafts. Then tomorrow, work. 

I'm finding my patience severely tapped in the last few days by my kids incessant silly and talk. In fact, I just sent Big D to sit on the stairs TWICE for goofing off at the breakfast table. While reprimanding him, he continues to be silly. Both children have not grasped the concept of asking a question and then allowing you a moment before repeating the question over and over and over. UGH! There is no silence in my mind for my own thoughts. I think we all need to go back to school . . . 

I don't like feeling like this kind of mother, grumpy, irritable and no-fun. There is nothing inherently wrong with their behavior and noise. It's just that my tolerance for chaos is so low. And when my attention is pulled in different directions, it makes it all the more difficult to go with the frenetic energy of my children. I know that I need to let go of some of the unnecessary things so that I can appreciate the moment with them. That'll be my goal today. 

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