Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Parting "shot" from Hawaii

Our last morning in Maui, we took a "ridge" walk with cameras in hand. As we moved from the beach where early morning sunbathers witnessed a marriage ceremony at the edge of the surf, we saw the landscape change from lush green to open fields and plant life more suited to an arid environment. The above pic was a detour we took from the path, chasing orange butterflies. The sassy things were never captured on camera but teased us through out our walk!

One of my goals was to take some "night" photos but I was too shy to use my tripod. These evening pictures were just after the sun had set. I love the colors. Soothing. 
Hubby and I played a ridiculous game as we drove through the main street of Lahaina. At a stop, I was to take a picture of whatever presented itself. Um, interesting idea in is conception not so fab in application! Moving targets, damp windows and did I mention it was dark! We got a few good laughs and probably frightened a few hapless tourists on the street. 
My beach happy feet . . . 

Now I must go to work. Hmm. Not sure I'm mentally prepared for the human chaos that is waiting. I think I'll take a few of these pics and turn a little corner of my office into my own "happy place." Cheers!

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