Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

Albeit only for 3 days, I'm putting the harness back on and getting ready to dutifully plod my way to work this morning. Being the dutiful worker bee that I am (like how I mix the metaphors?), I've already checked my email and will likely check voicemail in the car . . . its amazing how quickly things can go awry in one week! I'd like to think that little ol' me is holding it all together and my absence constitutes a general falling apart at the seams but that ain't so. More likely, this is the level of chaos that generally exists in community mental health and I'm just stepping back into the current after a little reprieve. Despite my general angst at leaping in fully clothed, I love this job. There's never a dull moment. Each day is unpredictable and the stories I could tell if I could tell them . . . :) 

I can tell you a story about a patient my friend and I overheard while waiting in the ER. If you have a thing about spiders, prepare to be eeked out. This gentleman stumped his way into the ER with a full leg cast that had some serious damage. It looked like someone had first taken a saw to it and then desperately went about trying to rip the durn thing off with his hands. When asked by the solicitous nurse what brought him into the ER today, he said, and I nearly quote: I woke up about twilight and saw a HUGE spider crawling into my cast. I think he bit me. I feel light headed. My friend and I exchanged horrified glances and spent the rest of our visit wondering what exactly had occurred, whether they would find a spider inside the cast and really, what would we do in a similar situation. I'd like to think that I'd remain calm (not so likely) and drown the sucker with a hose. Don't you think that's work? I mean, the cast is coming off anyway. My husband is less optimistic about my ability to problem solve with a spider camping in my leg cast -- he thinks it's more likely that I'd follow suit with the saw or whatever tool came handy to my hand. 

In other news this morning, we are only 3 days away from our trip!!!! Suitcases are out and partially packed, lists are being checked, anticipation is building. Tomorrow I get me a fake spray tan. Hey, I'm a little vain and I'd like to wear my swimsuit without perpetually asking my husband if he thinks I'm fat. Now there's an entirely different blog entry! 

Cheers and happy Tuesday!

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georgia b. said...

yikes. i would freak. i'm not afraid of spiders necessarily, but that's just a little too close for comfort.

hahaha—a post about how we look in our swimsuits and what our husbands really think. i'd read that one for sure. i'd love to know what they REALLY think.