Monday, June 1, 2009

Sun and Sprinklers

Another day of beautiful weather! I suppose that the majority of the continental US would not be surprised by sun and warmth in late May/early June, but around here, we expect that we haven't seen the end of cool rain showers . . . in fact, Big D's birthday (mid June) has seen rain nearly every year since his birth. We're crossing our fingers that our plans for a backyard barbecue and play date pan out this year! To complicate matters, there are THREE other birthday parties for Big D's classmates the same weekend! This mama missed the opportunity to get her invites out before the others so it may be a small gathering. Who knew the competition was so fierce for birthday party planning?
Yesterday was a busy day, beginning with a 7mi run with some of my team mates for the Hood to Coast relay, followed by a trip to the Nike employee store to replace worn out work out attire and finally, a made dash to Target for a birthday party gift . . . only to discover that the party is next weekend! To make up for Big D's disappointment, the kids played in the sprinklers while daddy washed the car. I snuck out with my camera to see if I could capture some pics with the falling water and sun. 
It was delightful to watch them run around, dumping watch on each other and dancing in the showers of water. As I look at our calendar over the next several weeks, we have lots of activities to look forward to -- perhaps too many. This past weekend, I had a group run both Saturday and Sunday morning, date night with hubby to celebrate his birthday, a canoe adventure, various trips to the store and the every day household chores that get saved up for weekends. In a moment of sanity, I called and bailed out of the women's book group that was to meet Sunday evening. Instead, we had grilled mushroom burgers, melon and birthday cake on the back porch. Then hubby and I curled up on the couch for a movie -- after updating my several weeks old pedicure. Ah. Lovely. 

So on another note -- I'm debating the wisdom of joining a photo scavenger hunt dealie-whopper. It's the Sweet Sauer Photo Hunt. Hmm . . . 

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