Sunday, June 7, 2009

In a funk

In short -- its cloudy, I'm sick, haven't run in a few days and my kids are whiny. Oy. Little Sis has informed me that it is fun to "fuss" and it really must be as it's been her primary preoccupation this past weekend. Sure she can turn it off in a snap but really, why bother? It is so entertaining for all involved. In fact, at this very moment, she has started up again, this time about the bag of clothes that are destined for Good Will. She has developed an inexplicable attachment to the towels she hasn't used in months. I'm dutifully ignoring but I might just have a stroke. 

Meanwhile, Big D is at yet another birthday party with his father. Did I already mention that there are FOUR scheduled for this upcoming weekend?! Yikes. Its going to have to be pick and choose for this family. And let's not get (entirely) started on the subject of over-the-top kids' parties. Sure, its fun for my tots to hang out in some indoor gymnasium/party place but I can't fathom dropping a couple hundred dollars on the event! And each year, the parties seems to get more extravagant and involved. We're sticking to the backyard variety, complete with some water balloons and paper plates. 

Clearly, I'm in the mood for winging and complaining and there's really no point and spreading the pain! I'll bid you adieu until next time.

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Georgia B. said...

i understand days like this.

speaking of attachment to things that should not be, but should instead be going to good will, i had to have a friend and her sister come over to use tough love on me and get me to part with all my clutter. we filled up seven bins that will be in my garage sale, and threw out almost as much. felt so good! i could not have done it without them. :)

hope your funk/cloud lifts soon.