Monday, June 29, 2009

Ferns and my tie-died goof balls

This past weekend, we decided to hunker down as all manner of crazy is descending upon us in the next couple of weeks. More on that to come. We took a leisurely stroll along a beautiful trail and this mama admired the gorgeous, almost surreally huge ferns that populated the forest. I'm fascinated by the way they gradually unfurl and by the perfectly symmetrical seed pods on the underside of the delicate leaves. And green. I could write an ode to the color green. Soothing, alive, vibrant and rich. Ah, I'm in love with the color green. I feel I should note that these pics are not as saturated as they appeared SOOC. I should probably take the time to adjust but alas . . . I did not.
And of course the wildlife was, well, wild. Big Boy charged ahead oblivious to the various danger of mountain bikers, steep descents and who knows what else could lie beyond mama's view. Little Sis tuckered out and the promptly tuckered her daddy out by demanding to be carried incessantly. 
Here is a sterling example of the kinda of sibling love we got going on in our house. The roles alternate -- i.e. who is the pursuer and who is running for their life. As a general rule, Big D leads the way and Sis is his shadow. 
I'd say that the goofy you see here is about what we get 95% of the time! So goofy that the child could starve! He will sit for an hour at the breakfast table and with lots and lots of mind numbing reminders, still not manage to put the silly aside long enough to eat a substantial meal. UGH. But isn't he cute? 
So about the crazy I alluded to earlier -- tomorrow after work, this mama ships off to help a friend who will be having surgery on Wed. I'll return in time to work three days next week, pack up the family and then drive to CA. And then . . . and then hubby and I will leave ALONE together for a anniversary trip to Hawaii. I've got the pre-trip angst going on now -- part worry for my friend, part irrational fear that I'll forget some crucial detail in trip prep and then all will be RUINED. Silly, silly me. I've got lists. Lots of lists. The lists will save me;) 

Anyone got suggestions for a casual bag to use for camera toting? I don't want to scream camera nerd -- something more "casual" or bag like. How's that for vague. Maybe that's why I don't know what to look for? Cheers!


georgia b. said...

i sometimes use my converse bag from target to carry my camera. it's just a tote, but it's big and sort of purse like, but sporty and casual and fits my camera pretty well.

i love that first photo!! wow. gorgeous. and the shots of the kids in the tie-die are precious. really. great photos!

hawaii???? i'm jealous! never been. someday.

Heather said...

Thanks for the suggestion -- I'm going to browse Target and see what I find. :)