Monday, April 6, 2009


Picture taking in the reflection of a photo of hubby and I.  There were lots of other "creative" ideas for self-portraits that either I was too timid to try or flopped. But the exercise inspired me to do my own little "flooding" experiment -- what happens when a body-shy person is forced to take pics of herself and, gasp, post them? Maybe a little desensitization. Hmm. Could be a case study? Or a research project! :) 

Speaking of which -- been doing some thinking about where I'm headed career-wise. I had the pleasure of meeting with a former colleague this past Friday who left the agency to begin her own practice. In fact, when she left, I filled her shoes as an intensive outpatient therapist. I love this job though I have to admit there are a lot of demands and stress. Clients and families are really struggling -- perhaps indicative of the financial and political turmoil of recent months. While in conversation with this colleague, we discussed "burn out" and the pros/cons of private practice. I've also been thinking about Ph.D programs . . . In a nut shell, our chat opened windows and doors on possibilities I had not considered in some time. That alone has given me energy and enthusiasm that has sometimes recently lagged. 

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robinbird said...

i do so love this tricky little self-portrait :)