Saturday, April 25, 2009

I just don't know

Apparently, my camera is not broken. That's a good thing but I'm feeling a little sheepish. A trip to the camera store, a temporarily baffled tech and a few minutes later, I learn that somehow it had gotten set to overexpose by 5 stops. Huh? How? Must have been operator error . . . again the sheepish feeling.

Today's blog is a little of this and that. A little glad about the camera and a little growing anxiety about the swine flu. How freaked out should we be? I've already got contingency plans for the contingency plans worked out in my head. I may be just a "little" prone to worst-case scenarios. My husband's attitude is "what will be will be" -- find and dandy, honey, until some nasty pig-incubated thing knocks on our front door. Then what? 

On unrelated note, fabulous trip to the tulip festival today. Pics to come. Things continue to grow and bloom (and spread a delicate layer of yellow pollen on everything). Hence, the itching and hiving and sneezing. Good times:) 

A more upbeat, calm and generally pleasant post to follow.

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