Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Yum" and other Assorted Thoughts

So, sad. It's gone. I'd go for another piece! The list of ingredients in this cake are slightly horrifying. You just know that something with that much butter, sour cream, cream cheese, chocolate and sugar HAS to be divine. I baked this cake in all its glory for my mother's birthday. I like to fancy myself a baker of birthday cakes . . . in fact, I need to begin thinking about Little Sis' 3rd birthday and party coming up. This year, her birth date falls on Easter so a Egg Hunt theme party is in the works if I can get off my duff and finish the invites already. 

My parents visit was nearly painless. Kids were out of their heads which is to be expected. We made a trip to the zoo, multiple parks and kinda lounged around.
Like the monkey pic? My little monkeys love the monkeys . . . he, he. Our zoo is under major renovations, making room for lions and hyenas, oh my. We are lucky to have such a fine zoo close to home. We make frequent trips with our annual pass and don't feel bad cutting a visit short for afternoon naps, etc.It was lovely having extra kid-watchers around while out and about. I was able to take a few pictures without worrying about the kids falling in the duck ponds are running amuck in some other way. Still experimenting with Elements. Very fun and somewhat addicting. My idea of a perfect afternoon? The chocolate cake, hot coffee and quiet to learn more on Lynda.com and fiddle with photos. Ah. Lovely. 

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robinbird said...

yummm, yes, yum. those ingredients sound like i would love this cake! and graced with flowers too. your lucky mom :) all three such different and well captured images! that monkey looks like it came from a national geographic photographer :)